Monday, December 31

Cypress Creek Wimberley Texas

The water is so clear you can see the paws paddling.

Graduation - Christmas Present

Mom rented the Treehouse in Smithville as a present for us. The upper deck is fenced and gated so we could sit out there at night and watch for critters in the woods. There is a creek and a river so we got to go swimming. Mom also took us for a hike at Bastrop State park and for a walk and swim by Cypress Creek in Wimberley. We had a grand time and if your looking for a pet friendly cabin in Texas you need to check out the treehouse. It's on 12 acres with woods a creek and a river on one side and a large meadow on the other. Will put up more pics later.

They do ask that you don't leave dog hair in the cabin so mom rolled up the carpets and took a large sheet to put over the couch. The floor is all wood so it is very doggie friendly. She made us sleep in our crates the first night but enough was enough. We wouldn't go near them the second night so we had complete freedom.

This pic of me is at the Colorado River on the cabin property.

The evil Munch tries to steal my pack.

I tell her it's mine and she better back off!

The Munchie Fish can't resist water, that is why I get to carry the pack, she would get everything all wet.

Saturday, December 8

Class 7

None of the other kids showed up for class last week, guess they were all out Christmas shopping for their moms or something. Anyways there were two new trainers there so instead of teach showing me and mom how to do stuff, I got to train the new trainers. I taught one how force causes resistance. He tried to get me to sit and the more he pushed, the more I resisted. Anyhows I had a good time walking them around the room. I think they were worn out when I left and they had a good amount of hair on their nice black pants. hehehe Santa Claws was there too and I got to give him a big hug.

If you don't already have one be sure to get your bipeds a Furminator for Christmas. They are great back scratchers and less hair on the floor means that ugly dyson animal doesn't have to come out of the closet as often.