Tuesday, January 29

Pet Photo Contest

Win 10 grand for your favorite doggie rescue... Everyone knows snow dogs are the best looking and we have the most hair so it goes without saying that one of us should win the Bissell pet photo contest. Send your pics in!

Saturday, January 19

Dog Photos

It's cold and raining, all it does is rain rain rain, so I am bored. Nothing to do but browse around on the computer. My big brother who lives in Austin took photos with santa for a rescue group in Austin where he lives. He is now doing a shoot for the Lofty Dog pet store in Austin. Guess I don't get to be in any of the pics cause I live too far away. Life is so unfair sometimes. Anyways if you want to see some of the pups check out his blog or photography website.

Thursday, January 10

Glowing Green Pigs

Maybe they should do this to dogs so they can find us in the dark when we run away and so cars can see us and won't run us over. They should definately do it to mice, it would make our hunting much easier.

Wednesday, January 9

Frozen Raw Bison Bones

Thats what mom brought home for us today. They are selling them at the kennel where she gets our food. She says they are disgusting and that I better keep it out of her bed. Gotta go work on my bison... later.

Sunday, January 6

Siberian Husky Service Dog Training.

A siberian husky service dog, mom thinks this is gonna be real interesting. She wonders how anyone is gonna pull off such a thing, knowing how stubborn and pig headed we are. That is actually the reason a siberian was chosen for the job, service dogs need to be able to think for themselves. All you sibes need to keep an eye on this little girl and keep your paws crossed that she makes it. Our breed is always getting a bad rep by people who just don't understand our sense of humor.