Saturday, February 9

Bike Riding for Dogs

Mom said she was tired of taking us to the park every weekend and missed riding her bike. So I took a look around the web showed mom all the kewl gadgets they have that allow you to hook a leash to a bike so you can bike with your dog. She bought a springer a long time ago but it didn't fit her mountain bike right, she never liked it.

She decided to be a cheapskate and build her own contraption. It worked out pretty well, she only fell once and that was getting off the bike, the klutz nearly fell on me! It's easy and cheap to build so I am posting it in case you other doggies want to go biking. Mom has a quick release seat so she just slipped a PVC T onto the seatpost. It was too big and the size smaller was too small. To solve the problem she wrapped a piece of rubber around the seat post first, then jammed on the PVC T. Now it stays where you put it, but can be rotated to the side or the front. She glued in a piece of PVC pipe and drilled a hole to clip the lead too. She bought the lead clips and rope and made that also, I told you she was cheap! When our harnesses come in she will put on a longer pipe and rotate it towards the front, letting the pipe extend out over the front wheel. This will allow us to go bikejoring and keep the bungee lead from getting tangled in the wheel.

If your mom is not a cheapskate like mine you might want to check out the walkydog,
it attaches to the seat post and sticks out to the side. For bikejoring you need to check out the BAY-o-net.