Sunday, January 6

Durango Colorado Vacation

Tired of being left in a kennel when mom goes on vacation, I started looking around and found this great place on Vacation Rental by Owner. They have a rental cabin and a kennel on the ranch.  It's about 30 minutes outside of Durango, CO and dogs stay free!  When your parents want to go out for the day or night they take you and put you in the kennel, then come  back and pick you up. Its self service.  Click here to see it.   The cost to rent the cabin isn't much more than the cost for us to spend the night at a regular kennel.

There is a huge pond in front of the cabin so sister Munchie got to go swimming every day. There is a goose that lives there, he honks a lot.    

Mom and her friend would go mountain biking in Durango and Phils World in Cortez while we stayed in the boring kennel, but it was way better than staying in hot humid Texas.   The picture on the right is from Phil's World, an awesome mountain bike trail that I didn't get to go to.
On the way home we stopped in Taos, NM and got to spend a few nights in an EarthShip.  It was actually an entire subdivision of earth ships which was built in an abandoned gravel pit. You can learn more about earthships by clicking here.   They are totally off the grid, generate their own power and collect water from the sky.   No utility bills means your humoms will have more money for dog bones!

When you walk in there is a long hall, on one side is a planter to grow your own food and a long wall of windows.  It was a bit embarassing cause I didn't know and I lifted my leg in there. But I only did it once, I'm a quick learner.   Half the house is buried in the ground so you can actually hike right up on top of it.  Earthships stay about 70 degrees inside winter and summer with no mechanical air or heat systems.  I found this pet friendly one on craigslist.

We got to walk around the town of Roswell, NM  and look at weird alien stuff. Do aliens have dogs? I feel sorry for them if they don't. Maybe that is why they come to earth, looking for pets.  Mom told me a story about pets that get out of their yard and sometimes never find their way home again. Maybe they wind up on another planet?

Monday, December 31

Bike Tow Leash - Better than sliced beef!

I got the best Christmas Present ever! A bicycle tow leash.  Check it out!   I got my present early, moms said deer were slow so Santa had to get an early start. I have logged 23 miles on the bike this month. I am keeping track on Strava.  I think other dogs should start using Strava too, it's not just for racer boys.

Last weekend I got to go on my first mountain bike trail. I had a top speed of 11 mph and an average speed of 6.6.  There was a lot of uphill and we had to stop a few times so my old mom could catch her breath.

Mom loves the tow leash cause of the low attachment point, she says I can't pull the bike over. Like I would do that?  Sister is getting old so she sometimes has to ride in the trailer. Mom tried to stuff me in there once but I said NO WAY!.

Saturday, February 9

Bike Riding for Dogs

Mom said she was tired of taking us to the park every weekend and missed riding her bike. So I took a look around the web showed mom all the kewl gadgets they have that allow you to hook a leash to a bike so you can bike with your dog. She bought a springer a long time ago but it didn't fit her mountain bike right, she never liked it.

She decided to be a cheapskate and build her own contraption. It worked out pretty well, she only fell once and that was getting off the bike, the klutz nearly fell on me! It's easy and cheap to build so I am posting it in case you other doggies want to go biking. Mom has a quick release seat so she just slipped a PVC T onto the seatpost. It was too big and the size smaller was too small. To solve the problem she wrapped a piece of rubber around the seat post first, then jammed on the PVC T. Now it stays where you put it, but can be rotated to the side or the front. She glued in a piece of PVC pipe and drilled a hole to clip the lead too. She bought the lead clips and rope and made that also, I told you she was cheap! When our harnesses come in she will put on a longer pipe and rotate it towards the front, letting the pipe extend out over the front wheel. This will allow us to go bikejoring and keep the bungee lead from getting tangled in the wheel.

If your mom is not a cheapskate like mine you might want to check out the walkydog,
it attaches to the seat post and sticks out to the side. For bikejoring you need to check out the BAY-o-net.

Tuesday, January 29

Pet Photo Contest

Win 10 grand for your favorite doggie rescue... Everyone knows snow dogs are the best looking and we have the most hair so it goes without saying that one of us should win the Bissell pet photo contest. Send your pics in!

Saturday, January 19

Dog Photos

It's cold and raining, all it does is rain rain rain, so I am bored. Nothing to do but browse around on the computer. My big brother who lives in Austin took photos with santa for a rescue group in Austin where he lives. He is now doing a shoot for the Lofty Dog pet store in Austin. Guess I don't get to be in any of the pics cause I live too far away. Life is so unfair sometimes. Anyways if you want to see some of the pups check out his blog or photography website.

Thursday, January 10

Glowing Green Pigs

Maybe they should do this to dogs so they can find us in the dark when we run away and so cars can see us and won't run us over. They should definately do it to mice, it would make our hunting much easier.

Wednesday, January 9

Frozen Raw Bison Bones

Thats what mom brought home for us today. They are selling them at the kennel where she gets our food. She says they are disgusting and that I better keep it out of her bed. Gotta go work on my bison... later.