Sunday, March 25

New Rabies Tag Dangerous

Who the heck designed the new rabies tags? Mine is shaped like a bell with these pointy.. sharp pointy things on it. The metal is much much thinner this year, that makes the edges very sharp. Not just the dumb pointy bell part, but the entire thing is sharp around the edges. STUPID PEOPLE!

We dogs like to bite each others throats, that thing could cut a tounge off. Mom was nice and filed it down for me so it's not sharp anymore. I am worried though about how many other dogs have these horrid new tags.
We are required to wear them when we go to the dog park, but someone is gonna get hurt.

STUPID rabies tag designer should have a recall on these dangerous tags.

I'm a hero!

Well I don't like to brag but you can clearly see how I saved Ashes from the pack in this video. With no concern for myself I threw my body down on top of her and probably saved her life.

Saturday, March 24

Clash & Ashes

Clash is on your left and Ashes is on the right. I think Ashes was several years old when they adopted brother Clash.

Munch and Ashes used to be best friends and wrestle constantly. One day Munch bit Ashes and she got so mad she stomped off to the park gate and just stood there. Now who says dogs don't hold a grudge? She wouldn't even speak to Munch for months. Everytime she saw Munch she would go all the way to the other side of the park. Munch follows her around like a fool. She will speak with Munch now but they just don't play like they used to. Ashes doesn't trust Munch anymore, it's very sad. Don't bite the paw that plays with you!

Angel Fish

This is Angel, one of Munchies best friends. Looks like a wet rat doesn't she? She is probably the smallest scrawniest husky at the park but she is a wild thang. Not sure how she got such an inappropriate name, the gal is full of the devil! There are rumors that she once ate a bible.

Millie Bush Park Flooded

Mom drove us all the way to the dog park Fri after work as always, but when we got there it was under water. Even the parking lot was under water. We were so excited to get out of the house at the end of the week then we get there and it is nothing but a lake! Needless to say we started to sob uncontrollably.

Mom was so scared that the back of the SUV would turn into a lake from our tears that she turned around and drove us all the way out to the new Katy dog park.

The katy park has no ponds to swim in so my sister the Munchie fish was a bit disappointed, but we did find some puddles to play in. They also have some squirrels to chase there which was quite fun.

Roomba for Pets!

I'm so excited, irobot came out with a roomba vacuum just for pets. That means it is specifically designed to deal with dog hair. Something I got lots of! It also means mom can turn it on then take us to the dog park whilst it vacuums. Anythang that allows more dog park time is a good thang!

Mom put up some videos of pets playing with their roombas, it is a riot.