Monday, December 31

Cypress Creek Wimberley Texas

The water is so clear you can see the paws paddling.

Graduation - Christmas Present

Mom rented the Treehouse in Smithville as a present for us. The upper deck is fenced and gated so we could sit out there at night and watch for critters in the woods. There is a creek and a river so we got to go swimming. Mom also took us for a hike at Bastrop State park and for a walk and swim by Cypress Creek in Wimberley. We had a grand time and if your looking for a pet friendly cabin in Texas you need to check out the treehouse. It's on 12 acres with woods a creek and a river on one side and a large meadow on the other. Will put up more pics later.

They do ask that you don't leave dog hair in the cabin so mom rolled up the carpets and took a large sheet to put over the couch. The floor is all wood so it is very doggie friendly. She made us sleep in our crates the first night but enough was enough. We wouldn't go near them the second night so we had complete freedom.

This pic of me is at the Colorado River on the cabin property.

The evil Munch tries to steal my pack.

I tell her it's mine and she better back off!

The Munchie Fish can't resist water, that is why I get to carry the pack, she would get everything all wet.

Saturday, December 8

Class 7

None of the other kids showed up for class last week, guess they were all out Christmas shopping for their moms or something. Anyways there were two new trainers there so instead of teach showing me and mom how to do stuff, I got to train the new trainers. I taught one how force causes resistance. He tried to get me to sit and the more he pushed, the more I resisted. Anyhows I had a good time walking them around the room. I think they were worn out when I left and they had a good amount of hair on their nice black pants. hehehe Santa Claws was there too and I got to give him a big hug.

If you don't already have one be sure to get your bipeds a Furminator for Christmas. They are great back scratchers and less hair on the floor means that ugly dyson animal doesn't have to come out of the closet as often.

Saturday, October 27

Dog training class 3

Only two other kids showed up for class today, the little yorkie and the shepherd pup. It was kind of fun cause we got to practice drop it and the teach brought out some toys. However for some reason the yorkie got a cute little squeaky toy and the shep and I got rope toys. It was very distracting, all that squeaking going on. Mom asked the teach if I could have a squeaky too and she was nice enough to give me one. I eventually stole the yorkies toys anyways. I mean it's really stupid to give us something then say drop it. Makes more sense if we are allowed to steal something first.

Our homework is to learn down and next week we get to have a contest to see who can hit the floor the fastest. Mom said that was terribly unfair as I am the tallest kid in class and that yorkie, well it is already on the floor! The yorkie does seem to have a problem though. It sits then they tell it down and when the front end goes down the butt pops up in the air.

Moving the Deck

I got blamed for the mess in the backyard, but this morning mom caught the red headed devil in the act. She picks up the decking and moves it, trying to find rodents. I threw down our stuffed mouse to try and distract her, but she wants the real thing. Mom was afraid she would break her teeth and had to drag the stubborn girl in the house.

Tuesday, October 16

Dog Training - Teacher is Dumb.

Mom decided to take me to school on sat, as if i'm not smart enough already. It was fun walking around pet smart and looking at all the toys, but the teacher is really weird. First thing she tells mom is that people shouldn't humanize dogs and that sister wasn't going to be upset staying home alone while I got to go out. That has got to be the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Munch doesn't like going to pet smart, but she isn't smart enough to know that is where we are going. She thinks we are going to the dog park without her, of course she is upset!

I put my paws around moms neck and gave her a big hug. Teach says I see you have a jumping problem. Mom assured her it wasn't a problem, told her I like to give people big bear hugs. Teacher insisted this was a problem, said I might knock someone over. Well I am very tall but also very skinny and I always run around the park and give people hugs. Never have I knocked someone over doing that. A little mud on their clothes sure, but that all comes out in the wash.

At the end of class the teach asked if anyone had any questions. I let out a big rooo to let her know that I did, but she ignored me. Well of course she did, she thinks dogs have no feelings.

Teach does let us eat in class though and I got to walk around the store and look at the birds and the rodents which was pretty cool.

Monday, October 15

The Dreaded Rat Zapper

Munch and I have been having great fun chasing the fuzzy rodents that run along the fence and climb in the shrubs at night. Last night I sat quietly waiting in the rain for the rodent to appear. Mom said I looked like an idiot sitting in the rain, guess she doesn't appreciate my dedication. She also didn't appreciate the times we woke her up at 230 am so we could go hunting. She went out to the garage and got the dreaded Rat Zapper this weekend. I don't know why she has to kill our toys.

Tuesday, October 2

Tennis Ball Trees - aka Osage Orange

We have these cool trees at the Bear Creek Dog park that grow tennis balls. They are actually a bit larger than tennis balls but the same color. What better place to have a tennis ball tree than at a dog park? Mom looked it up on the internet and says they are reall called Osage Orange, but that is ridiculous, there is no orange color to them at all. People can be sooo stupid sometimes. Anyone with half a brain can see they are Tennis Ball Trees.

The Great Mouse Hunter

Years ago Munch caught a mouse in the house. Now she KNOWS what they smell like and is an excellent mouser. She KNOWS there is one under her house, but can't get it to come out and play.

Here I try to help Munchie capture the fuzzy rodent, but as usual she is greedy and hollars at me.

Friday, September 28

Stealing SeaGull

Seagull goes in stores and steals a bag of doritos every morning for breakfast. Some of the customers think it's so cute they offer to pay for his chips. I think we should get a pack together and give this a try.

Sunday, September 23

iDog Dalmation Rocks to the Music

iDog Dalmation Rocks! You plug your ipod, radio or other device into the dual jack and then plug your headphones into the other jack. He has a built in speaker which you can turn off with a flick of his tail. His head and ears move from time to time while he listens to music and the flashing lights in his head also dance to the musid. You may want to get one for your human for Christmas. iDog Dalmation is my favorite cause he is black and white like a husky. When are they gonna make a husky iDog?

Yard Work Day

We didn't get to go to the dog park yesterday cause we had to stay home and do yard work. Mom whacked off some limbs from the overgrown shrubs and my job was to tear them into smaller pieces. As you can see from the video, I am a very hard worker.

Munch thought her only job should be to get rid of the fuzzy rodent that lives under the a/c. I went over to lend her a paw as she wasn't having much luck. She told me to go away, said the rodent was hers! Girls are so stingy.

Iditarod Podcasts

Photos of my ugly sister

This is my adopted sister Munch, mom is always telling her how gorgeous she is, sable malamutes are rare and special, blah blah blah. It's sickening!

Look at her mouth she has been eating mud, her teeth are ugly and she needs braces

The girl is just mean, she is always trying to pull my cheek off!

If she doesn't stop I am afraid I will wind up with big ole floppy jowls like a bull dog.

Sometimes she calls her smiley girl. Look at that silly snow nose, looks like a little piggy nose to me! I think we should get some paint and touch it up where the black is peeling off.

I'm gorgeous too, but you know what she calls me? Koda Bones & Mr. Bones, cause I am too skinny. What the heck kinda name is that? It's insulting!

My nose is pure black and my teeth are bright white, I'm better looking than that silly Munchkin. I think she should call me King Koda.

Fuzzy Squirrel

This is my fuzzy squirrel, my favorite thing in the backyard. Mom says I will never catch him but I'm gonna keep trying.

Spiny Orb-weavers

We have some spiny orb weavers in the backyard, they look like little crabs. One is black and white like a husky and the other guy is orange.

The orange one caught a bee, which is good cause now he can't sting me. I don't know why anyone would want to eat a bee though. Guess the spider knows to spit out the stinger.

Frogs Taste Nasty!

I was playing with this little guy and mom said I would squish him and she drug me in the house. She is sooooo mean to me! I picked him up several times and I was very careful not to squish him. He really tasted nasty though so I kept dropping him. No doubt he thought it was fun, like an amusement park ride or sumptin.
I think he is a Southern Leopard Frog, he looks silly with that hunchback. Mom thought I had done some awful thing that made him looked deformed like that so I had to look it up on Google images and show her he was like that when I started playing with him. Sheesh!

Saturday, September 22

Rabid Skunk in Dog Kennel with Dog

A guy comes home and finds a skunk in his dogs kennel following the dog around. He suspected it had rabies and it did. Not sure that I would have suspected that. I have heard animals will act strange when they have rabies, but I didn't think that meant friendly. Well now I know! This is the link to the report that shows the skunk did have rabies.

Monday, September 17

Friday, September 14

Exercise increases your brain power and size. Read the article it's been proven that exercise can make your brain smarter and larger. Kind of explains why kids are so dumb these days. We must leash up our people and make them walk more! Sitting makes ya stupid.

Saturday, September 8

Power of the Dyson

Mom let us have fun making a mess so she could demonstrate the power of the Dyson vacuum.

Bear Creek Dog Park Houston

This is Munch at the new Bear Creek dog park. The place is awesome! Munch loves the ramp, I think it's just cause she is a runt and it makes her feel tall.

Black & Decker Cultivator VS. Dog

Compare these two videos and tell me what you think. I am much quieter than the cultivator, I can go much deeper and my battery doesn't wear down. I say I am the winner, paws down! Mom says the cultivator is easier to control, minor detail if you ask me!

Big Mouth!

Mud Puppy

Extreme Outback Log Cabin

This is our dog cabin, I like to lay on top and aggravate Munch.

Animal Planet

There was a show on animal planet called Rodents, the Fast & the Furiest. It's my favorite show, I kept trying to catch the rats. There will probably be some reruns on so keep an eye out for it.

Sisters can be hard to deal with

Ashes Pouting

This is my friend Ashes, she is mad and doesn't want to play with us anymore. Boon is laughing at her cause she looks so silly when she pouts.

Munch & Poppa Playing on Husky Hill

Clash Needs to Learn Some Manners

Clash went to live with Ashes when he was only about 6 weeks old. There was no male pup in the house for him to look up to so I stepped in and became his dad.

Relaxing with Boon & Clash

Clash Puts a Bull Dog in His Place

From a very young age, Clash decided he didn't like bulldogs.

Turn Me Loose!

Kicking Back at Millie Bush

Just relaxing at the dog park with a toy I swiped. I just love to steal!

Welcome to the Pack

Munch and I welcome a new husky to the dog park pack.

Friday, September 7

My Bestest Friend Harry the Rottweiler

Harry is my favorite! First time I met him he didn't want to play with me, in fact mom thought he might kill me. He just stood there looking mean while I licked his face and begged him to play. Finally he couldn't resist me anymore and started playing, now we are best friends.

Munch, Ashes & Boon at Millie Bush Bark Park

See What I Have to Put Up With

My sister is too rough!

Clash Attack

My Favorite Toy

Little Clash and the Munchkin

Wednesday, September 5

Sable Sunday - A Very Exclusive Party for Sable Malamutes

This party was hosted by the Texas Alaskan Malamute Rescue in Bellville, Tx. Ayla came all the way from Oklahoma to attend the special event.

The party begins and the exclusive guests meet for the first time.

Munch, aka the Greedy Pool Queen, enjoys soaking in her tub.

Ayla bows to the greedy pool queen and requests permission to go in the pool of bliss.

The Queen grants permission, but only for 2 feet. She doesn't want her pristine water soiled.

Ayla graciously thanks the Queen.

Ayla enjoys soaking her feet in the cool water. The Texas sun is soooo hot!

As Boo approaches the pool, Ayla warns him to stop and first ask permission from the Queen.

Permission is granted, but again only 2 feet are allowed. Ayla keeps a close watch.

Boo cools his feet but really wants to get all the way in.

Ayla and Boo Discuss the Overthrow of the Evil Pool Queen

The Battle Begins!

The little guy in the back, that's the ref!

Nobody Likes the Ref!

Red Headed Kids are the Best!