Friday, September 28

Stealing SeaGull

Seagull goes in stores and steals a bag of doritos every morning for breakfast. Some of the customers think it's so cute they offer to pay for his chips. I think we should get a pack together and give this a try.

Sunday, September 23

iDog Dalmation Rocks to the Music

iDog Dalmation Rocks! You plug your ipod, radio or other device into the dual jack and then plug your headphones into the other jack. He has a built in speaker which you can turn off with a flick of his tail. His head and ears move from time to time while he listens to music and the flashing lights in his head also dance to the musid. You may want to get one for your human for Christmas. iDog Dalmation is my favorite cause he is black and white like a husky. When are they gonna make a husky iDog?

Yard Work Day

We didn't get to go to the dog park yesterday cause we had to stay home and do yard work. Mom whacked off some limbs from the overgrown shrubs and my job was to tear them into smaller pieces. As you can see from the video, I am a very hard worker.

Munch thought her only job should be to get rid of the fuzzy rodent that lives under the a/c. I went over to lend her a paw as she wasn't having much luck. She told me to go away, said the rodent was hers! Girls are so stingy.

Iditarod Podcasts

Photos of my ugly sister

This is my adopted sister Munch, mom is always telling her how gorgeous she is, sable malamutes are rare and special, blah blah blah. It's sickening!

Look at her mouth she has been eating mud, her teeth are ugly and she needs braces

The girl is just mean, she is always trying to pull my cheek off!

If she doesn't stop I am afraid I will wind up with big ole floppy jowls like a bull dog.

Sometimes she calls her smiley girl. Look at that silly snow nose, looks like a little piggy nose to me! I think we should get some paint and touch it up where the black is peeling off.

I'm gorgeous too, but you know what she calls me? Koda Bones & Mr. Bones, cause I am too skinny. What the heck kinda name is that? It's insulting!

My nose is pure black and my teeth are bright white, I'm better looking than that silly Munchkin. I think she should call me King Koda.

Fuzzy Squirrel

This is my fuzzy squirrel, my favorite thing in the backyard. Mom says I will never catch him but I'm gonna keep trying.

Spiny Orb-weavers

We have some spiny orb weavers in the backyard, they look like little crabs. One is black and white like a husky and the other guy is orange.

The orange one caught a bee, which is good cause now he can't sting me. I don't know why anyone would want to eat a bee though. Guess the spider knows to spit out the stinger.

Frogs Taste Nasty!

I was playing with this little guy and mom said I would squish him and she drug me in the house. She is sooooo mean to me! I picked him up several times and I was very careful not to squish him. He really tasted nasty though so I kept dropping him. No doubt he thought it was fun, like an amusement park ride or sumptin.
I think he is a Southern Leopard Frog, he looks silly with that hunchback. Mom thought I had done some awful thing that made him looked deformed like that so I had to look it up on Google images and show her he was like that when I started playing with him. Sheesh!

Saturday, September 22

Rabid Skunk in Dog Kennel with Dog

A guy comes home and finds a skunk in his dogs kennel following the dog around. He suspected it had rabies and it did. Not sure that I would have suspected that. I have heard animals will act strange when they have rabies, but I didn't think that meant friendly. Well now I know! This is the link to the report that shows the skunk did have rabies.

Monday, September 17

Friday, September 14

Exercise increases your brain power and size. Read the article it's been proven that exercise can make your brain smarter and larger. Kind of explains why kids are so dumb these days. We must leash up our people and make them walk more! Sitting makes ya stupid.

Saturday, September 8

Power of the Dyson

Mom let us have fun making a mess so she could demonstrate the power of the Dyson vacuum.

Bear Creek Dog Park Houston

This is Munch at the new Bear Creek dog park. The place is awesome! Munch loves the ramp, I think it's just cause she is a runt and it makes her feel tall.

Black & Decker Cultivator VS. Dog

Compare these two videos and tell me what you think. I am much quieter than the cultivator, I can go much deeper and my battery doesn't wear down. I say I am the winner, paws down! Mom says the cultivator is easier to control, minor detail if you ask me!

Big Mouth!

Mud Puppy

Extreme Outback Log Cabin

This is our dog cabin, I like to lay on top and aggravate Munch.

Animal Planet

There was a show on animal planet called Rodents, the Fast & the Furiest. It's my favorite show, I kept trying to catch the rats. There will probably be some reruns on so keep an eye out for it.

Sisters can be hard to deal with

Ashes Pouting

This is my friend Ashes, she is mad and doesn't want to play with us anymore. Boon is laughing at her cause she looks so silly when she pouts.

Munch & Poppa Playing on Husky Hill

Clash Needs to Learn Some Manners

Clash went to live with Ashes when he was only about 6 weeks old. There was no male pup in the house for him to look up to so I stepped in and became his dad.

Relaxing with Boon & Clash

Clash Puts a Bull Dog in His Place

From a very young age, Clash decided he didn't like bulldogs.

Turn Me Loose!

Kicking Back at Millie Bush

Just relaxing at the dog park with a toy I swiped. I just love to steal!

Welcome to the Pack

Munch and I welcome a new husky to the dog park pack.

Friday, September 7

My Bestest Friend Harry the Rottweiler

Harry is my favorite! First time I met him he didn't want to play with me, in fact mom thought he might kill me. He just stood there looking mean while I licked his face and begged him to play. Finally he couldn't resist me anymore and started playing, now we are best friends.

Munch, Ashes & Boon at Millie Bush Bark Park

See What I Have to Put Up With

My sister is too rough!

Clash Attack

My Favorite Toy

Little Clash and the Munchkin

Wednesday, September 5

Sable Sunday - A Very Exclusive Party for Sable Malamutes

This party was hosted by the Texas Alaskan Malamute Rescue in Bellville, Tx. Ayla came all the way from Oklahoma to attend the special event.

The party begins and the exclusive guests meet for the first time.

Munch, aka the Greedy Pool Queen, enjoys soaking in her tub.

Ayla bows to the greedy pool queen and requests permission to go in the pool of bliss.

The Queen grants permission, but only for 2 feet. She doesn't want her pristine water soiled.

Ayla graciously thanks the Queen.

Ayla enjoys soaking her feet in the cool water. The Texas sun is soooo hot!

As Boo approaches the pool, Ayla warns him to stop and first ask permission from the Queen.

Permission is granted, but again only 2 feet are allowed. Ayla keeps a close watch.

Boo cools his feet but really wants to get all the way in.

Ayla and Boo Discuss the Overthrow of the Evil Pool Queen

The Battle Begins!

The little guy in the back, that's the ref!

Nobody Likes the Ref!

Red Headed Kids are the Best!

Tuesday, September 4

Working Dogs

Mom Makes us Work

NLIF is some silly rule she has. Nothing in Life is Free!

My Sister Is Mean

Well she tries to be, but I think it tickles!