Saturday, October 27

Dog training class 3

Only two other kids showed up for class today, the little yorkie and the shepherd pup. It was kind of fun cause we got to practice drop it and the teach brought out some toys. However for some reason the yorkie got a cute little squeaky toy and the shep and I got rope toys. It was very distracting, all that squeaking going on. Mom asked the teach if I could have a squeaky too and she was nice enough to give me one. I eventually stole the yorkies toys anyways. I mean it's really stupid to give us something then say drop it. Makes more sense if we are allowed to steal something first.

Our homework is to learn down and next week we get to have a contest to see who can hit the floor the fastest. Mom said that was terribly unfair as I am the tallest kid in class and that yorkie, well it is already on the floor! The yorkie does seem to have a problem though. It sits then they tell it down and when the front end goes down the butt pops up in the air.

Moving the Deck

I got blamed for the mess in the backyard, but this morning mom caught the red headed devil in the act. She picks up the decking and moves it, trying to find rodents. I threw down our stuffed mouse to try and distract her, but she wants the real thing. Mom was afraid she would break her teeth and had to drag the stubborn girl in the house.

Tuesday, October 16

Dog Training - Teacher is Dumb.

Mom decided to take me to school on sat, as if i'm not smart enough already. It was fun walking around pet smart and looking at all the toys, but the teacher is really weird. First thing she tells mom is that people shouldn't humanize dogs and that sister wasn't going to be upset staying home alone while I got to go out. That has got to be the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Munch doesn't like going to pet smart, but she isn't smart enough to know that is where we are going. She thinks we are going to the dog park without her, of course she is upset!

I put my paws around moms neck and gave her a big hug. Teach says I see you have a jumping problem. Mom assured her it wasn't a problem, told her I like to give people big bear hugs. Teacher insisted this was a problem, said I might knock someone over. Well I am very tall but also very skinny and I always run around the park and give people hugs. Never have I knocked someone over doing that. A little mud on their clothes sure, but that all comes out in the wash.

At the end of class the teach asked if anyone had any questions. I let out a big rooo to let her know that I did, but she ignored me. Well of course she did, she thinks dogs have no feelings.

Teach does let us eat in class though and I got to walk around the store and look at the birds and the rodents which was pretty cool.

Monday, October 15

The Dreaded Rat Zapper

Munch and I have been having great fun chasing the fuzzy rodents that run along the fence and climb in the shrubs at night. Last night I sat quietly waiting in the rain for the rodent to appear. Mom said I looked like an idiot sitting in the rain, guess she doesn't appreciate my dedication. She also didn't appreciate the times we woke her up at 230 am so we could go hunting. She went out to the garage and got the dreaded Rat Zapper this weekend. I don't know why she has to kill our toys.

Tuesday, October 2

Tennis Ball Trees - aka Osage Orange

We have these cool trees at the Bear Creek Dog park that grow tennis balls. They are actually a bit larger than tennis balls but the same color. What better place to have a tennis ball tree than at a dog park? Mom looked it up on the internet and says they are reall called Osage Orange, but that is ridiculous, there is no orange color to them at all. People can be sooo stupid sometimes. Anyone with half a brain can see they are Tennis Ball Trees.

The Great Mouse Hunter

Years ago Munch caught a mouse in the house. Now she KNOWS what they smell like and is an excellent mouser. She KNOWS there is one under her house, but can't get it to come out and play.

Here I try to help Munchie capture the fuzzy rodent, but as usual she is greedy and hollars at me.