Sunday, December 17

You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

One of my favorite things is to take flying leaps over the couch. Sister Munch thought this looked like so much fun she decided to try it. Mom told the little Munchkin to stop because she is too small and might hurt herself. Being told no was just the inspiration she needed. On the third try she made it, wish I had a pic of the big grin on her face.

Sister Munch didn't know how to do much of anything when I got here, in fact all her toys were in perfect condition. I have been teaching her how to properly steal and shred things all while looking very cute. In fact I made a movie, a training tape you might call it. Click to view my movie!

I was Tagged

I was tagged quite awhile ago but the humom hasn't been letting me use the computer. Meanie! So I am supposed to name 5 things that make a good dog friend.

1) Perhaps the most important: SHARE the computer!

2) Sharing bones, toys, furniture or whatever it is I might want at the moment.

3) Not getting mad at me when I play too rough and whack you in the eye. (poor sister screamed and screamed and squinted when I did that last week, but she forgave me)

4) Don't be a tattle tale. When mom asks who is responsible for the mass destruction, just stand there and look innocent like I do. NEVER point your paw at me.

5) Remembering to share with the other rescue dogs that are still homeless at Christmas.

Friday, September 8

Nail Clipping is Pointless

This is what mom found out last night. She has a big red mark above her lip where I scratched her last night. It was her fault, I was just trying to jump up and give her a hug and she moved. Why is everyone always trying to avoid my big bear hugs?

We had a good time swimming and playing at the dog park tonight then we went to the drive-thru at Fazoli's They keep milk bones at the drive in window for us and on the rare occasions when they run out they give us bread sticks, even better! If you haven't been, make sure your people take you there. You other fast food places need to wise up, get milk bones if you want our business! Fazolis Rules!

Thursday, September 7

Trip to Vet

Mom took us to the vet tonight. Sister Munch as usual was trying to turn and run out the door as soon as we walked in. She got her paw pinched by the door, yelped and limped for a few minutes. Then they took us back to the little room and the Dr. man came in. He put his papers up on the counter and started looking at them, I stood up next to him with my paws on the counter so I could see too. Silly man told me to get down, is there some reason I can't look at my own medical records? They gave me a ride up on the elevator table and I tried to put my big paws around the Dr. mans neck but he wouldn't let me give him a hug. Guess maybe he is shy or something.

First he put some crap down my nose, then tried to stick something in my butt and I screamed, then he came around the front and tried to take some blood out of my leg, I screamed again. Mom said I was being a big baby and sister just stood there staring while they tortured me. Mom told the man to cut my front nails cause I am always pulling her arm and scratching her. The clipping noise scared sister a little and she tried to hide under a chair.

Sister didn't have to have anything stuck in her, doc just wanted to listen to her heart and look down her throat to see why she is coughing all the time. He is somewhat baffeled but he says we can go to the dog park. AROOOO!

Sister got scared when they were lowering the table so the Dr. man said she could just jump off as it was only about a foot off the ground at that point. Well she jumped and slipped on the tile floor, fell on her face and had a good coughing fit. Seems like this Dr mans office is a dangerous place. Sister hasn't coughed since though, maybe the fall cured her. Mom grumbled, gave the man several days pay and we left.

Monday, September 4

Steve Irwin Crocodile Hunter Dies at 44

Steve died while filming an underwater segment on stingrays. While swimming over a stingray the rays barb came up and punctured Steves chest and put a hole in his heart.

I found Steve a bit annoying the first few times I watched his show but after seeing an interview with him about his life I really grew to respect him. All that enthusiam was real. His dad owned a small reptile park and Steve grew up around animals. Steves dad taught him to catch crocodiles when he was very young. Every one of the over 100 crocs in their park was either caught by their bare hands or born in the park.

Steve died doing what he loved the most, but he died much too young.

Tributes to Steve Irwin

Sunday, September 3

It will bring tears to your eys.

A Dog Sits Waiting

A dog sits waiting in the cold autumn sun.
Too faithful to leave, too frightened to run.

He's been here for days now with nothing to do
But sit by the road, waiting for you.

He can't understand why you left him that day.
He thought you and he were stopping to play.

He's sure you'll come back, and that's why he stays.
How long will he suffer? How many more days?

His legs have grown weak, his throat's parched and dry.
He's sick now from hunger and falls, with a sigh.

He lays down his head and closes his eyes,
I wish you could see how a waiting dog dies.

by Kathy Flood

I love puppies

This is my little husky friend from the dog park. Mom says I would make a good mother cause I lay down and let little Clash crawl all over me. If a big dog bothers him I act mean and run them off. It is my job to protect the little guy. I think it would be fun to have 6 little puppies but mom says no way!

Saturday, September 2

The Hu-mom is getting mean!

She is threatening to tie my front paws together if I don't stop pulling her hand off her computer rodent. I don't care, I can chew through anything and if all else fails I can whimper and cry, she will feel sorry for me and untie my paws. I know what a whimp she is!

Friday, September 1

I'm Bored!

A bored husky malamute can be a dangerous thing. I beat mom with my silly pink squeaky mouse till she got off the computer. We can't go to the dog park tonight like usual because sister Munch has had a cough since last Sunday. Mom thinks she might be contagious but hey, I haven't caught it.

From what I read on the web kennel cough can last up to 3 weeks and the dog will feel fine. The hu-moms however can be annoyed by the hacking cough. Mom keeps telling Munch to go drink some water but she just stands there and hacks until mom scoops some water out of the bowl with her hands and feeds it to her. What a spoiled brat.

Personally I don't think it is kennel cough. For one thing she hasn't been to a kennel. Maybe it is bark park cough or maybe it is just a giant hairball stuck in her throat. She is always biting me and pulling my fur. Serves her right if she has a giant hairball stuck in there. I sure hope she gets better soon though cause I want to go to the dog park to play with my friends and swim.

The worst part about staying home on Friday night is that the dog whisperer is on. I just know mom is going to make us watch it tonight. I hate watching that silly Millan guy trying to train people.

Wednesday, August 30

Is Your Hu-mom a Computer Hog?

My hu-mom is a total computer hog, makes it hard for me to get on here and work on my blog. What's a working dog to do? I have many ways to try and get her off the computer.

First I sit innocently by her chair and paw her mouse hand. She used to turn to pet me and then I would throw my paws on her shoulders and lick her face. She has gotten wise to that trick. Sometimes I bring my big squeeky mouse and ram it into her leg over and over until she throws it for me. I know, I know, Huskys and Malamutes aren't supposed to fetch. Believe me, I don't do it in public. Really, I only bring it back to annoy her when she is at the computer. Sometimes I sneak up behind her, put my paws on her shoulders and bite her head. If all else fails I go get one of her shoes to chew on, lay down where she can see me, but just out of reach, then she has to get up!

Now she is hiding the shoes, but she does give me rawhide so I won't bother her too much while she is trying to work. Tell me what you Huskies do to get your mom off the computer, I need new ideas.

Monday, August 28

First Trip to Petsmart

We went to Millie Bush dog park Sunday and I got to play with my favorite rottweiler. He is a big guy so I spent much of my time rolling around on my back in the mud. I got much dirtier than usual but I had a plan. I knew we were out of dog food and mom was going to stop at Petsmart on the way home. (she usually makes us wait in the car)

Mom took us to the doggie shower at the park to hose us down. Sister Munch really hates taking a shower so she squirms around and makes sure mom gets good and wet too. Seems only fair. I just kind of leaned on mom while she washed me.

We got all nice and clean and mom looked down and saw her jeans were covered in mud. Neeedless to say she wasn't going to go in the pet store by herself looking like that! She took us along thinking the other strange humans would realize we made this mess and that she wasn't just some homeless bum that crawled out of a mud puddle. She also figured everyone would be looking at our cuteness and not pay her any attention.

Well as you might imagine a women being drug through pet smart with two rowdy kids on one leash and trying to carry cans of pet food at the same time does attract a bit of attention. While mom was looking at cow hoofs Munch walked under my belly and got our leash tangled up. We just smiled while she figured out how to undo the mess. When we got to the checkout, I jumped up and put my paws on the counter and the nice lady gave me a treat.

Sister Munch is shy and doesn't like going to the store which is why mom gets drug around so much. I love it there though and can't wait to go back. Just to make sure mom knew how much I liked it, I planted my butt firmly on the ground and refused to get in the truck when it was time to leave. She thought maybe I had to go potty so she put Munch in the truck and took me for a walk. Stubborness works!

Sunday, August 27

Rescued Dogs Become Movie Stars

People are always asking mom what is wrong with me that I wound up in a shelter. SHEESH! There is nothing wrong with me, some people just don't like to take care of their animals. Did you know that several of the dogs in the movie Eight Below came from rescues? You can read their stories here.

Bet their previous owners feel real stupid right about now. Hey look up there on the screen, thats my dog that I dropped off at the pound cause he ate my good shoes that I was too stupid to put away. Now he makes more money that I do!

Did you know that each of the dogs in the movie each had several stand ins? That is a lot of sled dogs to train!

Moms Favorite Things

Prozyme Enzyme Powder - Mom spent a fortune at the vet trying to find out why everytime I ate any kind of dry dog food, my poo looked like mashed potatoes. After trying every kind of food know to man and dog she decided to try some Prozyme and it quickly solved the problem. Prozyme has digestive enzymes that help my stomach. Vet says my problem is probably just from living on the streets eating garbage for so long and it may take 6 months for me to get better. It could also be a permanent pancrease problem only time will tell. This prozyme stuff is supposed to help with all kinds of problems besides digestion, like allergies, skin problems & immune disorders. If your mom wants to order some SitStay has a good price on it. Save 5-10% on your order every Tuesday at

The FURminator

Mom bought this fancy deshedding tool cause it is supposed to get out all the undercoat that other brushes leave behind. She says it works great but I really don't care how much dog hair I leave on the furniture. I do like the way it feels though, I think it is a wonderful back scratcher.

The Dyson animal

keeps me out of trouble cause it is designed to pick up dog hair. The thing kind of scares me though so when I see mom heading towards one of my toys I grab the toy and run. The Dyson has tons of suction.

Houston Gone Batty

The humans took me, sister Munch and our friend Amie for a walk at Spotts Park and then over to the Waugh Drive bridge at Allen Parkway to watch the bats emerge from the bridge at dark. Rats with wings is what mom called them but they were too far away, I really didn't find it very exciting.

I got to wear my doggie back pack for the first time and I carried the water for everyone. Mom was surprised that I didn't make a fuss about it, but I really liked it. I am after all a working dog.

Anyways there are about 250,000 of these winged rat thangs living under that bridge and some batty biologists are on hand to teach you about bats and pass around pictures. You can find out more about the Waugh Drive Bat Colony and viewing times at the City of Houston web site. You can view video online of the Houston bats

There is a strange pond nearby that looks like a giant dandelion spewing water all over. Mom said it is the Gus M. Wortham Memorial Fountain. Whatever! It was fun to swim in is all I know.

Koda's Story

I was just a scrawny bag of bones at 53 lbs when the Galveston County Animal Shelter brought me in. I waited for my family to come and get me but nobody came. I guess I was too much trouble and they didn't want me anymore. It is a very small shelter with not much room Lucky for me they do have a few good people who are foster parents so I managed to escape euthanasia.

A kind lady with the Friends of Galveston County Shelter took me to her home, had me neutered and gave me my shots. They took me to the mall on weekends for adoptions and lots of people came to play with me. They all liked me but said I was too big to take home. My foster mom knew I would one day make someone a wonderful pet, if it wasn't for her faith in me I would be dead.

Munchie and her mom looked all over Texas to find a brother for Munchie. Well you know how picky female Malamutes can be, they even went to Dallas to meet some dogs. I was the first one Munch didn't growl at, she started jumping all over me as soon as she saw me and her mom said she could bring me home. She can be a wild girl, sometimes I just have to sit on her till she calms down.

Munch came from a rescue after being taken from a death row shelter, so we have a lot in common. She was scrawny and had heartworms. Mom said she was the sorriest looking excuse for a Malamute she had ever seen, but she was cute. Now she has turned into a gorgeous girl.

The shelter couldn't decide if I was a Husky or an Alaskan Malamute. Everyone that sees me at the park thinks I look like a wolf. Nobody knows for sure exactly what I am, and I am not telling. The one thing everybody does agree on is that I am a sweet boy.