Sunday, December 17

I was Tagged

I was tagged quite awhile ago but the humom hasn't been letting me use the computer. Meanie! So I am supposed to name 5 things that make a good dog friend.

1) Perhaps the most important: SHARE the computer!

2) Sharing bones, toys, furniture or whatever it is I might want at the moment.

3) Not getting mad at me when I play too rough and whack you in the eye. (poor sister screamed and screamed and squinted when I did that last week, but she forgave me)

4) Don't be a tattle tale. When mom asks who is responsible for the mass destruction, just stand there and look innocent like I do. NEVER point your paw at me.

5) Remembering to share with the other rescue dogs that are still homeless at Christmas.


IndyPindy said...

Hi Koda, I'm glad you started posting again!

I LOVE canned pumpkin! I have a sweet tooth, and canned pumpkin is very sweet! I only get about 2 tablespoons with each meal, so that mom can mix my digestive enzymes in with it. She also mixes acidophilus powder into it to help me digest my food since I have so many food allergies. I always eat all of my pumpkin!

Koda said...

Good to see ya Indypindy! I will see if I can't coax mom into opening my can of pumpkin before it gets old sitting there. Sounds yummmmmmy!