Sunday, March 25

New Rabies Tag Dangerous

Who the heck designed the new rabies tags? Mine is shaped like a bell with these pointy.. sharp pointy things on it. The metal is much much thinner this year, that makes the edges very sharp. Not just the dumb pointy bell part, but the entire thing is sharp around the edges. STUPID PEOPLE!

We dogs like to bite each others throats, that thing could cut a tounge off. Mom was nice and filed it down for me so it's not sharp anymore. I am worried though about how many other dogs have these horrid new tags.
We are required to wear them when we go to the dog park, but someone is gonna get hurt.

STUPID rabies tag designer should have a recall on these dangerous tags.

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Anonymous said...

hahha! I agree with you. It does have sharp points on it. I think they should create a design that looks like us!