Tuesday, October 16

Dog Training - Teacher is Dumb.

Mom decided to take me to school on sat, as if i'm not smart enough already. It was fun walking around pet smart and looking at all the toys, but the teacher is really weird. First thing she tells mom is that people shouldn't humanize dogs and that sister wasn't going to be upset staying home alone while I got to go out. That has got to be the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Munch doesn't like going to pet smart, but she isn't smart enough to know that is where we are going. She thinks we are going to the dog park without her, of course she is upset!

I put my paws around moms neck and gave her a big hug. Teach says I see you have a jumping problem. Mom assured her it wasn't a problem, told her I like to give people big bear hugs. Teacher insisted this was a problem, said I might knock someone over. Well I am very tall but also very skinny and I always run around the park and give people hugs. Never have I knocked someone over doing that. A little mud on their clothes sure, but that all comes out in the wash.

At the end of class the teach asked if anyone had any questions. I let out a big rooo to let her know that I did, but she ignored me. Well of course she did, she thinks dogs have no feelings.

Teach does let us eat in class though and I got to walk around the store and look at the birds and the rodents which was pretty cool.


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Hey that teacher is rude to ignore you when you wooo to her that you have a question. I think it's ok to give hugs. I would love a hug from you

~ Girl girl

Koda said...

Well you are cute enough to hug and the teacher might have a point if I was running around hugging hamsters. You are just too tiny, I don't see any way I could wrap my paws around your little neck.

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Your teacher is really dumb. Our trainer told my parents that when we rest our heads on them or sit on their feet then we are dominating them. Obviously trainers don't understand the idea of cuddling!

I think you shouldn't have to go to school any more.


Bama said...

Sounds like your "teacher" needs to go back to school! Obviously she doesn't know a thing about huskoid or their peeples. Our humans LOVE our hugs, and the exhuberant greeting we give them whenever they come home. Mama says if she didn't have somehusky to lay on her feet she wouldn't be able to relax. And then she ignored you when you had a question? What kind of teacher doesn't answer questions??? Sounds to us like you could teach that teacher a lesson or two in manners & husky love!
BTW, glad to meet you both, just traveled over to say hi from your comment on our blog. We'd love to add you to our friends list, feel free to do the same if you like.
Bama & the RHP

Bama said...

One more stupid teacher comment, we HATE it if one of us goes somewhere without the rest of the pack, that teacher needs to study the definition of "PACK". Duh....