Monday, December 31

Bike Tow Leash - Better than sliced beef!

I got the best Christmas Present ever! A bicycle tow leash.  Check it out!   I got my present early, moms said deer were slow so Santa had to get an early start. I have logged 23 miles on the bike this month. I am keeping track on Strava.  I think other dogs should start using Strava too, it's not just for racer boys.

Last weekend I got to go on my first mountain bike trail. I had a top speed of 11 mph and an average speed of 6.6.  There was a lot of uphill and we had to stop a few times so my old mom could catch her breath.

Mom loves the tow leash cause of the low attachment point, she says I can't pull the bike over. Like I would do that?  Sister is getting old so she sometimes has to ride in the trailer. Mom tried to stuff me in there once but I said NO WAY!.

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Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

We have Walky Dogs, which are very similar. It's much more fun than when we run with Mom because we can go our speed on the bike instead of Mom's slow running speed.

We've never seen a dog in a trailer before, but that's a great idea for letting your sister get some outdoor fun too!