Sunday, January 6

Durango Colorado Vacation

Tired of being left in a kennel when mom goes on vacation, I started looking around and found this great place on Vacation Rental by Owner. They have a rental cabin and a kennel on the ranch.  It's about 30 minutes outside of Durango, CO and dogs stay free!  When your parents want to go out for the day or night they take you and put you in the kennel, then come  back and pick you up. Its self service.  Click here to see it.   The cost to rent the cabin isn't much more than the cost for us to spend the night at a regular kennel.

There is a huge pond in front of the cabin so sister Munchie got to go swimming every day. There is a goose that lives there, he honks a lot.    

Mom and her friend would go mountain biking in Durango and Phils World in Cortez while we stayed in the boring kennel, but it was way better than staying in hot humid Texas.   The picture on the right is from Phil's World, an awesome mountain bike trail that I didn't get to go to.
On the way home we stopped in Taos, NM and got to spend a few nights in an EarthShip.  It was actually an entire subdivision of earth ships which was built in an abandoned gravel pit. You can learn more about earthships by clicking here.   They are totally off the grid, generate their own power and collect water from the sky.   No utility bills means your humoms will have more money for dog bones!

When you walk in there is a long hall, on one side is a planter to grow your own food and a long wall of windows.  It was a bit embarassing cause I didn't know and I lifted my leg in there. But I only did it once, I'm a quick learner.   Half the house is buried in the ground so you can actually hike right up on top of it.  Earthships stay about 70 degrees inside winter and summer with no mechanical air or heat systems.  I found this pet friendly one on craigslist.

We got to walk around the town of Roswell, NM  and look at weird alien stuff. Do aliens have dogs? I feel sorry for them if they don't. Maybe that is why they come to earth, looking for pets.  Mom told me a story about pets that get out of their yard and sometimes never find their way home again. Maybe they wind up on another planet?

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Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

That looks like a great place to vacation! We haven't spent much time in Colorado, but maybe we should add that to our list.