Saturday, September 2

The Hu-mom is getting mean!

She is threatening to tie my front paws together if I don't stop pulling her hand off her computer rodent. I don't care, I can chew through anything and if all else fails I can whimper and cry, she will feel sorry for me and untie my paws. I know what a whimp she is!


Puki Bear said...

Just BITE her hand...she'll pay attention to ya!!!

The Psycho Pup

Puki Bear said...

Just BITE it, she'll pay attention to you!

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey Koda,

Welcome to - we are very pleased to have you as part of our little community :-) I am sure you will make lots of friends here - we really are a great bunch of doggies :-)


T-man said...

Hi Koda,
I like your rescue story. Your mom is an angel to adopt two shelter dogs. I'm a rescue dog too, but am an only dog. Anyway, we're lucky, even if we can't use the computer when we want to!! (a good dose of bad breath might make her move away from the computer!)

Koda said...

If had been up to mom she wouldn't have gotten another dog. Munch kept bugging her for a brother though and Munch always gets what Munch wants.

Kaluah-lu said...


No, no, Dahlink.. if your human is busy at the puter, go raid the fridge. If you can operate the mouse, you sure as heck can open the refrigerator door. I'd definitely check for cheddar and last night's Chinese.


Koda said...

Moving the computer rodent around with my big paw is not a problem, though I do have quite a bit of trouble with the scrolly wheel.

Trying to wrap both my paws around the fridge and pull would be a bit of a challange, besides mom just got a new fridge and she will get mad if I scratch it.