Friday, September 1

I'm Bored!

A bored husky malamute can be a dangerous thing. I beat mom with my silly pink squeaky mouse till she got off the computer. We can't go to the dog park tonight like usual because sister Munch has had a cough since last Sunday. Mom thinks she might be contagious but hey, I haven't caught it.

From what I read on the web kennel cough can last up to 3 weeks and the dog will feel fine. The hu-moms however can be annoyed by the hacking cough. Mom keeps telling Munch to go drink some water but she just stands there and hacks until mom scoops some water out of the bowl with her hands and feeds it to her. What a spoiled brat.

Personally I don't think it is kennel cough. For one thing she hasn't been to a kennel. Maybe it is bark park cough or maybe it is just a giant hairball stuck in her throat. She is always biting me and pulling my fur. Serves her right if she has a giant hairball stuck in there. I sure hope she gets better soon though cause I want to go to the dog park to play with my friends and swim.

The worst part about staying home on Friday night is that the dog whisperer is on. I just know mom is going to make us watch it tonight. I hate watching that silly Millan guy trying to train people.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Umm I assumed by looking at the fur and the body type of your canine that you have a Timber Wolf. Please e-mail me if I am wrong about Koda's species. I know that it is illegal in most states to own a wolf, I own one myself. Just curious...