Thursday, September 7

Trip to Vet

Mom took us to the vet tonight. Sister Munch as usual was trying to turn and run out the door as soon as we walked in. She got her paw pinched by the door, yelped and limped for a few minutes. Then they took us back to the little room and the Dr. man came in. He put his papers up on the counter and started looking at them, I stood up next to him with my paws on the counter so I could see too. Silly man told me to get down, is there some reason I can't look at my own medical records? They gave me a ride up on the elevator table and I tried to put my big paws around the Dr. mans neck but he wouldn't let me give him a hug. Guess maybe he is shy or something.

First he put some crap down my nose, then tried to stick something in my butt and I screamed, then he came around the front and tried to take some blood out of my leg, I screamed again. Mom said I was being a big baby and sister just stood there staring while they tortured me. Mom told the man to cut my front nails cause I am always pulling her arm and scratching her. The clipping noise scared sister a little and she tried to hide under a chair.

Sister didn't have to have anything stuck in her, doc just wanted to listen to her heart and look down her throat to see why she is coughing all the time. He is somewhat baffeled but he says we can go to the dog park. AROOOO!

Sister got scared when they were lowering the table so the Dr. man said she could just jump off as it was only about a foot off the ground at that point. Well she jumped and slipped on the tile floor, fell on her face and had a good coughing fit. Seems like this Dr mans office is a dangerous place. Sister hasn't coughed since though, maybe the fall cured her. Mom grumbled, gave the man several days pay and we left.


IndyPindy said...

Wow, that sounds terrible! What is it with doctors putting things in our butts? That's gross! Can you imagine what a human would do if we walked up to them and put something up their butts???

Koda said...

Maybe that is why they wear pants, they don't trust us. I'm gonna ask mom to get me some pants, or maybe just get her credit card and order some online.

Turbo the Sibe said...

Yeah, don't ask. JUST DO IT!!!