Monday, August 28

First Trip to Petsmart

We went to Millie Bush dog park Sunday and I got to play with my favorite rottweiler. He is a big guy so I spent much of my time rolling around on my back in the mud. I got much dirtier than usual but I had a plan. I knew we were out of dog food and mom was going to stop at Petsmart on the way home. (she usually makes us wait in the car)

Mom took us to the doggie shower at the park to hose us down. Sister Munch really hates taking a shower so she squirms around and makes sure mom gets good and wet too. Seems only fair. I just kind of leaned on mom while she washed me.

We got all nice and clean and mom looked down and saw her jeans were covered in mud. Neeedless to say she wasn't going to go in the pet store by herself looking like that! She took us along thinking the other strange humans would realize we made this mess and that she wasn't just some homeless bum that crawled out of a mud puddle. She also figured everyone would be looking at our cuteness and not pay her any attention.

Well as you might imagine a women being drug through pet smart with two rowdy kids on one leash and trying to carry cans of pet food at the same time does attract a bit of attention. While mom was looking at cow hoofs Munch walked under my belly and got our leash tangled up. We just smiled while she figured out how to undo the mess. When we got to the checkout, I jumped up and put my paws on the counter and the nice lady gave me a treat.

Sister Munch is shy and doesn't like going to the store which is why mom gets drug around so much. I love it there though and can't wait to go back. Just to make sure mom knew how much I liked it, I planted my butt firmly on the ground and refused to get in the truck when it was time to leave. She thought maybe I had to go potty so she put Munch in the truck and took me for a walk. Stubborness works!

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