Sunday, August 27

Houston Gone Batty

The humans took me, sister Munch and our friend Amie for a walk at Spotts Park and then over to the Waugh Drive bridge at Allen Parkway to watch the bats emerge from the bridge at dark. Rats with wings is what mom called them but they were too far away, I really didn't find it very exciting.

I got to wear my doggie back pack for the first time and I carried the water for everyone. Mom was surprised that I didn't make a fuss about it, but I really liked it. I am after all a working dog.

Anyways there are about 250,000 of these winged rat thangs living under that bridge and some batty biologists are on hand to teach you about bats and pass around pictures. You can find out more about the Waugh Drive Bat Colony and viewing times at the City of Houston web site. You can view video online of the Houston bats

There is a strange pond nearby that looks like a giant dandelion spewing water all over. Mom said it is the Gus M. Wortham Memorial Fountain. Whatever! It was fun to swim in is all I know.


IndyPindy said...

You are beautiful! Hey, have you joined the Husky Bloggers Ring? You can do it on my blog!


Koda said...

Thanks I have joined the pack!