Sunday, August 27

Koda's Story

I was just a scrawny bag of bones at 53 lbs when the Galveston County Animal Shelter brought me in. I waited for my family to come and get me but nobody came. I guess I was too much trouble and they didn't want me anymore. It is a very small shelter with not much room Lucky for me they do have a few good people who are foster parents so I managed to escape euthanasia.

A kind lady with the Friends of Galveston County Shelter took me to her home, had me neutered and gave me my shots. They took me to the mall on weekends for adoptions and lots of people came to play with me. They all liked me but said I was too big to take home. My foster mom knew I would one day make someone a wonderful pet, if it wasn't for her faith in me I would be dead.

Munchie and her mom looked all over Texas to find a brother for Munchie. Well you know how picky female Malamutes can be, they even went to Dallas to meet some dogs. I was the first one Munch didn't growl at, she started jumping all over me as soon as she saw me and her mom said she could bring me home. She can be a wild girl, sometimes I just have to sit on her till she calms down.

Munch came from a rescue after being taken from a death row shelter, so we have a lot in common. She was scrawny and had heartworms. Mom said she was the sorriest looking excuse for a Malamute she had ever seen, but she was cute. Now she has turned into a gorgeous girl.

The shelter couldn't decide if I was a Husky or an Alaskan Malamute. Everyone that sees me at the park thinks I look like a wolf. Nobody knows for sure exactly what I am, and I am not telling. The one thing everybody does agree on is that I am a sweet boy.


Tara Roswitha said...

You are a very sweet boy Koda. Some humans are not too smart and they think that the dog is bad when really it is because the human is stupid.:-) My human left me in the bedroom when I was six months old and I dug a hole in the mattress. Who was the stupid one there? Nice to meet you.

Koda said...

Mom told me about a Malamute she used to have that drug an upholstered chair into the middle of the room and gutted it while she was gone. Knowing how Mals are she thought it was pretty funny.

Some humans just don't understand our sense of humor.

Ann said...

Hi Koda- Pogo asked me to write to tell you she thinks you're cute!