Wednesday, August 30

Is Your Hu-mom a Computer Hog?

My hu-mom is a total computer hog, makes it hard for me to get on here and work on my blog. What's a working dog to do? I have many ways to try and get her off the computer.

First I sit innocently by her chair and paw her mouse hand. She used to turn to pet me and then I would throw my paws on her shoulders and lick her face. She has gotten wise to that trick. Sometimes I bring my big squeeky mouse and ram it into her leg over and over until she throws it for me. I know, I know, Huskys and Malamutes aren't supposed to fetch. Believe me, I don't do it in public. Really, I only bring it back to annoy her when she is at the computer. Sometimes I sneak up behind her, put my paws on her shoulders and bite her head. If all else fails I go get one of her shoes to chew on, lay down where she can see me, but just out of reach, then she has to get up!

Now she is hiding the shoes, but she does give me rawhide so I won't bother her too much while she is trying to work. Tell me what you Huskies do to get your mom off the computer, I need new ideas.


Turbo the Sibe said...

Fargo likes to sneak up behind the stingy Human and bite her arm in the soft part right above the elbow. Heh!

Bond said...

How bout peeing on the floor or her legs ? I bet she will go away, FOR SURE ... hahaha

Or how bout barking at the door, as if someone is at the door, and when she gets up to see, you can take over the computer as fast as you could.

Repeat the above tills your hu-mon, give up

Koda said...

Way to go Fargo!
Last night mom kept pushing my paw off, I kept putting it back, she pushed, I put it back, she pushed, I put it back. Arms and legs are flailing. I just stare at her with this innocent don't you love me look on my face. Then she makes me lay down but I keep pawing. Finally I make her laugh and she gets up and plays with me. She is not very good at acting mad, victory is always mine in the end.

Koda said...

Ohhh Bond that sounds too messy and would probably get me tossed outside!
The barking thing might work cept that huskys and mals don't bark. I just beat on the sliding glass door till she opens it, no need to bark. Try it sometime, the hu-moms respond faster when they think you are going to break something.